Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Microsoft Office --> Save --> On S3 !! CB MS Office Plug-in

True, CloudBuddy by default comes with plug-in for Microsoft Office and get's installed. Now with this feature, you would be able to Save your MS Office files directly to Amazon S3 and open files directly from Amazon S3.

MS Office plug-in has been with CloudBuddy for quiet sometime and it compatible with MS Office XP and MS Office 2007. The state-of-the-art architecture (that's how all of call our architecture!) of CloudBuddy makes it possible for us to write plug-in's for MS Office. I am sure that you now would be hinting about the so-called "State Of The Art" architecture, yes let me tell about that to you. CloudBuddy is desinged and developed to run as a windows service. Once our buddy is installed he starts running as a windows services, thereby offering the option for any client program to access the service and perform the operations that the serivce offers. Thou came up with a novel idea of creating plug-in's for MS Office and thus.

Now, if you are a CB user, you would be able to create documents and save it simultaneously in your local as well as on your cloud bucket!

Happy CB'ing.

CB Team

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